Random Thought Tuesday, Feb 6

Without a doubt the best superpower: manipulating probability. Think about it! What’s the probability that I can fly? Pretty much zero. Okay, let’s up this to 100 %. Woo! What’s the probability of someone giving me a million euros? About 0.5 %. Let’s up that to 100. What’s the probability of me being able to kill someone with a tray? This has super villain possibilities, I like it!


Random Thought Tuesday, Oct 27

So I’ve been thinking…

Cats. How weird is it that humans keep cats? Like, their big burly dangerous ancestors used to hunt our hairy simian ancestors and now we keep smaller versions of them in our homes, even thought they’re technically no use whatsoever. What is this, some sort of payback? And if yes, whose?

Random Thought Tuesday, July 14

Y’know, I’ve been thinking…

Piece of advice: If you’re going to wear men’s boxer shorts or boxer briefs as a girl make sure you don’t wear them under skinny jeans, the legs on those fuckers ride up like hell. You gonna be fine with leggings, though.

Now, do you want to know how I know that? I give you three guesses and the first two don’t count.

Random Thought Tuesday, March 14

So I’ve been thinking…

If a boyfriend/boy toy (let’s be real, it’s usually guys), gets weird about seeing you without make-up on what you should say is, “So? I see you without make-up all the time.”  – “That’s different!” – “You know what else is different? You’re relationship status as of right now.” BURN!

Got any sick burns you’d like to use? Let me know!

Random Thought What Damned Day Is It?

So I’ve been thinking (when I woke up from a nap that somehow turned into a twelve hour snoozing session)…

Sometimes I walk by a mirror and I’m like, “Who the fuck are you? Did I spend all day walking around with that face on?” because my face looks so different in my own mind. Does that ever happen to anyone else?

Any more thoughts or are you just slowly backing away?