Random Thought Tuesday, March 10

So I’ve been thinking…

Why does the Master hate the Doctor? He’s jealous of his (P.h.)D!

…somehow that sounded funnier in my head. Like everything else.

Any thoughts on this or are you still opening tabs?



Random Thought Tuesday, March 3

You know, I’ve been thinking…

Opening your browser and staring at the blank screen without knowing where to go is the 21st century alternative to walking to the fridge, opening the door and peering inside even though you’re not hungry.

Any random thoughts from YOU since last week I was the Hulk?

Random Thought Tuesday, Dec 16

You know, I’ve been thinking…


I wonder if there was ever a storm trooper who tried to fuck an astromech. Must be the talk on the Death Star if there was. Do you get electrocuted if you try to stick your dick inside a robot? I mean, that must be fun. Like, from an outsider’s perspective at least. Random stormy laying on the ground, other stormy comes around all “Godammit, Dave! Not again! Yes, sickbay, I need a team, stat, Dave tried to fuck an astromech again.” And then Dave wakes up a few hours later to the concerned faces of his battalion mates. “Dave, we’re here because we care. We can’t let you keep doing this to yourself. You are hurting yourself and others.”

(This thought brought to you by the hilarious new Star Wars teaser.)

Any more thoughts since we discovered the real reason for global warming last week?


Random Thought Tuesday, Nov 25

You know, I’ve been thinking…

Actually, a tie is just an arrow pointing to a man’s penis. Is that why women supposedly like men in suits?

(Actually, it’s kinda sad that you need literally an arrow to point out that hey, there might be a dick somewhere. Hey, there’s a joke: Why is a tie a great symbol for modern masculinity? It hangs! Ba-dum-TSS!)

Like this post of you can’t unsee. Ever.

Also, tell me what your most random thought was since we discussed downloadable food last Tuesday.