Random Thought Tuesday, Jan 26

I wish I’d have had any siblings, just so I could be someone’s weird aunt one day. I will never recover from that imaginary loss.


Random Thought Tuesday, July 14

Y’know, I’ve been thinking…

Piece of advice: If you’re going to wear men’s boxer shorts or boxer briefs as a girl make sure you don’t wear them under skinny jeans, the legs on those fuckers ride up like hell. You gonna be fine with leggings, though.

Now, do you want to know how I know that? I give you three guesses and the first two don’t count.

Random Thought Tuesday, June 16

So I’ve been thinking…

I’m sure not the only one who doesn’t get the entire female viagra thing. Especially since a pill for this has existed since forever. It’s called a clitoris and if more men would just put it in their mouths you wouldn’t have any trouble with so-called “female erectile dysfunction”. Lesbians don’t seem to have this problem, wonder why! The only erectile dysfunction we have are the men in our lives. And maybe, just maybe we’d be more interested in sex if we had less work to do. You know, job, kids, household, taking care of the elderly, that don’t make us feel sexy.

Men everywhere, here are our criteria: