About the author who likes to talk about herself in third person but that’s crazy so I’ll stop:

Hi. I’m Alex. I’m born, bred and forever stuck in Vienna. Trying to get my master’s degree in anglophone literature. Be very, very quiet, I’m hunting jobs. Or internships. Unpaid internships. Or anything, really. I have lots of talents, but not a single one generates income. I also swore I’d never get a blog again, but hey, consistency, what’s that? I’m an avid player of World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm (yes, I do indeed not possess any kind of life), an even avider (is that a word?) reader of William Gibson and Terry Pratchett novels, an almost fanatical writer of fanfiction, I like to make up words and I can quote Star Wars at you all day long.

About this blog thing:

Rambling. Ranting. Raving. Other words starting with ‘r’. Annoyances of everyday life available in small, medium and large. Frustrations of every shape and colour that nobody wants to hear, so random internet strangers will have to suffer instead. The many problems one encounters in the process of doing absolutely nothing. Contains lots and lots of swearing and the occasional mention of human body parts (y’know, like vagina). Just the life of a mildly weird and hugely socially awkward person in a city in a country most inhabitants of this planet probably cannot find on a map (hint: no kangaroos, the other thing), trying to make people across the vast of cyberspace go “Huh, yeah, I can totally relate actually”. Or at least “Huh, yeah, you’re weird”.

About Blogging Awards:

I’ve said it in another post (there, in there somewhere I think) already, but here goes again: Guys, I know you mean well and I’m honoured, and I’m grateful that you want to nominate me… but all this re-blogging and question answering and the whole shebang, that’s work and doing stuff and if you’ve read any of my blog entries you know how I feel about doing stuff. Thanks for thinking about me but it’s too much doing stuff. Don’t take it personally please, it’s not you, it’s the stuff.


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Alex: Very funny observations, ruminations, and rants here. Thank you for following Bookshelf, written for individuals like you who love literature (and of course, at times, get annoyed with it because it can be so obtuse — i.e. Finnegan’s Wake). Nevertheless it takes a curious and discerning literary person to focus on all the nooks and crannies of life that make great fodder for entertaining posts. Keep up the clever work. Cheers. Alex


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