2015 Recap: A Year in Numbers

Let me speak to the manager, I want my money back! 2015 wasn’t the year the prophets Marty McFly and Dr. Brown promised us. But hey… wasn’t that bad, right? I can’t believe it’s been a year since I didn’t become a better person!

So sometime in mid January I thought, hey, wouldn’t it be cool if I started writing down all the productive things I do every day so I don’t feel like such a deadbeat slacker? Yeah, so… I didn’t always write everything down because I didn’t choose the slacker life, the slacker life chose me, so I forgot a few days here and then, but by and large, it’s a really long list. The thing I forgot the most to write down was, of all things, cooking. Probably because I debated with myself forever if that even counts as productive, then decided, hell yeah, not least because I hate it.

I’m not sure what to make of all these numbers, though. A 365 day year has 8760 hours. A full-time (40 hours a week) job has you working for roughly 2000 hours if you don’t take any vacation time which around here is usually six weeks. Considering I spent more than 3000 hours sleeping, and roughly 5000 hours being awake, nothing I did this year is really that impressive. Except my sleeping skills. So make of this list what you will.

Without further ado, here’s my life in from Jan 23 – Dec 30 2015:

I cooked 197 meals (probably more like 250, though).

Vacuum cleaned 178 times, averaging 59 hours.

Dusted a total of 179 times, which comes to about 29 hours.

Did 48 weekend grocery hauls (not counting all the small trips to the store in between, that’d be too many).

Ran about 122 loads of laundry.

Ironed clothes a total of 41 times because I always wait until the last possible moment to fucking iron.

Spent roughly 210 hours working my sort-of-job, but considering I do a lot at home, I’m not so sure about the actual number. (Told ya it’s not much.) Didn’t count the freelance stuff I did this year because I lost track. And didn’t write anything down.

Spent 4660 minutes doing sports, which is roughly 77 hours, so… could be better.

Including research, paper writing and presentation preparation, I had some 500 hours dedicated to university.

I was ill three times, once for almost two weeks, the other times only for a few days.

So what does this mean for 2016? Well, I should definitely work out more. And there’s still the getting-a-decent-job-issue that’s been nagging me since, dunno, infancy? Breaking news, my country apparently hit another record for unemployment. Joy. New Year’s resolution: Overthrow government. Anyway, what else? Ah yes, do more uni stuff. Though seeing as the Big Project, i.e. thesis, is slowly coming up this won’t be a problem (or will it? Dun dun DUUUN!).

I’m just kidding. My New Year’s resolution is to stop lying to myself about lifestyle changes.

Happy New Year! Here’s to a fresh start at binge eating, boozing and slacking off!



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