Rant Day! Things That Pissed Me Off A Bit, Nov 2-8

Item 1: Where’s this shit when I go shopping?! Seriously, why do clothing stores have their best stuff on their websites and when I go to an actual physical store they somehow don’t have anything I need? Is this a scheme to get rich off shipping costs? Is leaving the house and the internet the wrong decision after all?

Item 2: Blizzcon! Fuck yeah, Blizzcon! Jesus Effin’ Thrall, Blizzard, pay someone to fix the livestreams! Not that Blizzcon wasn’t awesome… but come on, don’t say you didn’t expect a few million viewers. You’re all technicians, get this working!

Item 3: I’m so pumped for Legion, but I’m so nervous it’ll end up like WoD. Stop toying with my heart, Blizzard!

Item 4: I need a new bag. I guess I should know better at my age than to by a cheap bag. I don’t. My everyday go to bag is falling apart and I have better things to do in my life than fixing zips and winding wire around places where a shoulder strap should just hold on its own. Damn you, inner cheapskate! Damn you twice, broke self!

Item 5: The universe does not want me to lose weight. That’s as good an explanation as any as to why a) the wifi malfunctions, b) Youtube malfunctions, c) the laptop malfunctions, d) there’s a sudden inexplicable power failure in the building, or e) all of the above always at the exact minute I’m in my workout gear and ready to get my sweat on. It’s like I’m being punished for trying to be fit. Look, universe, just because I play the odd computer game doesn’t mean I have to look like it, cut it out!

Item 6: I have to write 3000 assorted words, prepare two 30 minute presentations, write two papers 1000 words each, all well researched and accurate and all before December. The graduate program is kicking in and kicking my ass.

Item 7: In less than two weeks I’m attending a workshop for editing and publishing and stuff and I’m so nervous. Like, anxiety level nervous. There’s going to be people there. But how many? What if it’s not enough for me to blend in without being noticed? What if I’m being asked questions? How do I act? What should I wear? Maybe I should just stay home! But I already paid! I think I’m dying! This world wasn’t made for awkward weirdos, dammit!

Item 8: Boyfriend has an important exam coming up Tuesday and we’re both nervous wrecks about it.

Item 9: Apparently I spent all week being nervous and anxious about things. This must change posthaste.

In other news: Forgot to tell you last week, Boyfriend has finally discovered the kittens. Somehow he was not pleased.


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