Late Rant Day! Things That Were Driving Me Insane, Sep 26 – Oct 4

Item 1: I had my first taste of working sort of full time this week and now I can’t feel my feet anymore. The job thing required my presence exponentially this week, why, because no one else had time so I just had to deal and put in six hours every day. I suppose I could get used to this after a month or so, but this week was just confusing torture. When do I go eat? What do I go eat? Should I pack my lunch? Probably, because I’m pretty broke. Do I actually pack myself lunch? Nah, those couple sandwiches won’t hurt. When do I clean? When do I do anything?! How do people deal with this without a million lists? Why am I suddenly three pounds heavier, I barely ate anything?!

Item 2: No, seriously, how can a human being gain two kilos in a week where said human being is eating normally and running around all day and doing pilates four times week? It thought being active made you lose weight, not the other way round!

Item 3: You know those weeks when suddenly there are Things Happening? Like, you got work, you got deadlines, friends call you up, parents call you up, events are happening in town, and you’re just over here like, There’s not enough caffeine in the world to get me through this but hey, I’mma try? Yeah.

Item 4: This is the last fucking time I drink whole milk. I really can’t drink whole milk anymore. I just hope I remember this the next time I order at Starbucks. My stomaaaaach!

Item 5: Is this what getting old feels like? I can’t drink whole milk, I have to take eye drops three times a day, I can barely walk for three hours, my back hurts, my neck hurts, my hip hurts, is this really going to get worse?!

Item 6: Aaaand I’m sorta ill again, will this ever end?

Item 7: Look, good friend, you should know by now that I’m not the kind of person who likes crowds. In fact, I’m the kind of person to see a crowd and flee screaming in the other direction. When I agree to go to a crowded event it’s because I want to spend time with you. I’m willing to brace my discomfort just so we can hang out. Which by extension means…. don’t leave me hanging, goddamnit! Make some actual plans with me! Not this “Maybe we’ll see each other there”. I’m too old fashioned for this maybe-maybe-not culture. Especially when faced with a place full of people.

Some positive things: I had a burger this week. To quote Samuel L. Jackson’s character in Pulp Fiction, “This is a tasty burger”. I also made a lot of people laugh this week. Maybe I should work up a stand-up routine.


2 thoughts on “Late Rant Day! Things That Were Driving Me Insane, Sep 26 – Oct 4

    • I have this theory that somewhere someone, way up in the hierarchy of things, is procrastinating like whoa and sooner or later something has to be done and because it’s already late it has to be done now. By someone else. And so the tasks trickle down and slowly turn into an avalanche of Things To Do Yesterday for us.


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