Rant Day! Things That Pissed Me Off, Sep 12-18

Item 1: So I spent all week sick as a dog, which has really thrown off my getting-things-done vibe. It started with a light cough on Sunday evening and ended with me being unable to sleep all night because my throat hurt so bad. Then the cough from hell started. Then the nose started. And then I had a resting heart rate of 90, that’s never a good sign, that’s like the immune system’s drums of war. And more hours of missed sleep. It’s always so weird how I can’t sleep when from a medical perspective sleep would be fucking ideal.

Item 2: I’m not digging the entire refugee situation, I don’t like how the EU is handling this. At all. So there might be the odd terrorist among those people fleeing over land or water in hopes of a better life, so what, there are terrorists in Germany, teenagers who were actually born in Germany and then run off to go to war in Syria. There’s always terrorists somewhere. There’s also always refugees coming here, there’s just more of them now because of the wars way over in the east. Problem is, you can’t just tell the IS to be nice and stop killing, raping and enslaving people. All I’m saying is, few people run from their homes with only the most essential things in hand, then walk until they find someone who takes their lives’ earnings to put them on a boat or a cramped truck, in which by the way they can easily die, then continue on foot for thousands of miles for the heck of it. No one does all this because it’s a nice pastime on Saturday night! Just distribute them all over the EU, tell the countries to stop bitching. Yes, I know there’s probably no jobs for refugees, there’s not even enough jobs for everyone who’s already here. But come on. This isn’t a political thing, it’s a human thing. At least let the women and children stay, how big of a chance is there that they’re terrorists?

Item 3: Communal elections are coming up. I swear, they start cropping up every year. I feel like every year I’m standing in another polling booth, surveying the menu of this political restaurant I have no desire to be in, and as always finding nothing that excites my appetite. That’s the problem with a multi party system, so many options, each equal in incompetence. To spice things up now there’s a Twitter thing happening, making fun of the right-wingers’ leading boy, and rightfully so, because that guy, pssshhhh, nah. That dude ain’t shit. They’re only flying so high in surveys right now because 1) the refugee situation makes everyone’s not-so-well-hidden xenophobia come out to play, 2) everyone’s had enough of the other damn parties. I, for one, have had enough of absolutely everyone and I think it’s time we start over, like literally throw everyone out of parliament and try that again, all y’all no-good bitches are getting on my nerves.

Item 4: Because I’ve been sick all week I could not do any amount of exercise except dragging myself to the kitchen for more tea. Goddamnit, first I can’t exercise because of the heat, and now because of my own lousy body?! It’s like the universe doesn’t want me to lose any damn weight! It’s really frustrating seeing people lose 100 pounds in a year and here I am, unable to drop five. Something’s not right here.

Item 5: TV ads are becoming increasingly stupid. Didn’t even think this was possible but apparently it is. Also, stop encouraging young men to use axe. The name of the stuff is also what it makes me want to do to its wearers: axe them. How did such a gross smelling product ever become so popular?

In other news: Boyfriend has still not discovered the cats so now I’m giving up. He’ll probably find them when we’re moving out, all like, “Okay, superhero figures go into this cardboard box… hey, wait a minute, how long has this been on there?!” – “Summer 2015.”


3 thoughts on “Rant Day! Things That Pissed Me Off, Sep 12-18

  1. ha ha. first of all i hope you feel better soon and start working out again, secondly cant believe your partner hasnt found the cats. And thirdly your 5lbs will go when you least expect it! x

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