Rant Day! Things That Pissed Me Off, Aug 29 – Sep 4

Item 1: Workers drilling god knows what into the wall right next to my door is giving me more anxiety that should be the case. Like, what if they drill into my wardrobe? What if they drill into my ironing board? What if they just drill my door open aaaand it’s time to hide all the stuff again.

No, I’m not very trusting of people, why do you ask?

Item 2: Christ’s left foot on a waffle, is there never any quiet in this house?! First there’s drilling and hammering all day long, then Boyfriend absolutely must watch reruns of The Walking Dead. It was bad enough last week when he had to watch football (which by now should be called ‘buy players and stop trying’-ball). Like, why? I was looking forward to a quiet evening! You already watched this! You’re supposed to study, anyway! Why do you have to watch a show you know I don’t like now when my head is already screaming at the world to shut up? (For anyone wondering why I don’t like The Walking Dead, it’s because too much pointless bickering, too much human drama, not enough zombies. If I want to watch people bitch and scream at each other I’ll just stream some reality TV. I want zombies in a zombie show, dammit! Is that too much to ask? But most of the time they’re just lumbering around in the background and when the plot needs some development and/or less characters it’s like ‘Oh no, zombies! Totally didn’t see them there!’) And then you ask me stupid shit like, hey, what’s that character’s name again? What was that guy doing again? Do you remember what was happening there? No! I most certainly do not! I don’t watch your stupid show! I don’t fucking know! I don’t fucking care! Leave me the fuck alone!

I’m sorry, I get like this sometimes when my introverted needs for silence and solitude are not met.

Item 3: My neighbour is the worst at holding parcels. Sometimes in the course of human events it befalls that your neighbour is not home when the mail carrier comes a-callin’, so the mail carrier might ask you if you could hold the parcel for your neighbour. Your neighbour has done this for you in the past, so no problem, right? Mail carrier even writes your neighbour a note. Only then apparently a piece of history goes missing because somehow your neighbour, after being ignored by you for two days every time she rings your bell, finds her parcel one floor down smack dab in the middle of the hallway, leaving her slightly flabbergasted and disgruntled. In case it wasn’t clear, I am that neighbour, I’m quite disgruntled and I’d like some answers.

Item 4: Pinterest is taking over my life. I actually caved and purchased a paper planner. Yes, me; the sworn enemy of handwriting. But they’re so pretty! And you can colour code all your event! Never mind that everything I have to do in a day fits on a post-it! Never mind the dry erase board in the hall! Never mind that you still have to set reminders for absolutely everything on your phone because paper still doesn’t beep! Making yourself actually write things down makes you feel like you really have your shit together. The house may be a mess, you haven’t called your mom in a week, you have approximately 326 errands to run because you keep procrastinating but hey, it’s not like you’re being lazy, you’re writing everything down that needs doing! By hand! In this super adult looking planner! Also, organising your desk drawers with the help of origami paper boxes is of course at a much higher priority level than, say, literally anything else.

Item 5: Boyfriend still hasn’t discovered the kittens swarming his figurines. Dammit, man, it’s been weeks!

Item 6: I really should make a collage out of all the rejections to my job applications I’m getting. Make art from pain! … or something.


One thought on “Rant Day! Things That Pissed Me Off, Aug 29 – Sep 4

  1. I too could make a collage of all the rejection letters too! But you know what…there loss! Our gain. We are clearly too skilled and they cant handle what we have to offer! Keep on smiling! Loved the blog thanks

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