Things to Do When You’re Bored: Superhero Edition

So Boyfriend is on a never ending quest to clutter even the last little bit of available space. Last week, he brought little cardboard superheroes to put on a shelf, and they make dusting a pain, because shit, isn’t there enough stuff already?!

Today I looked at them, carefully lifting each to dust beneath, almost losing their standy-thingies under the couch. And a devious thought struck me. So I took my newly acquired washi tape and some scissors, and went to work on a few of them. I gave them… little dresses.


I think the colours fit. Black Panther got the sexy mini dress because I figures he’s that kind of guy:


I wonder how long it will take Boyfriend to notice this. Excuse me while I snicker diabolically.


And now we wait…


P.s.: Reed Richards got the thrift store grandma dress because I’m like 600% sure he’s the kind of guy who can’t dress to save his life.


4 thoughts on “Things to Do When You’re Bored: Superhero Edition

    • I just always think if the most popular Marvel heroes would have to do drag (because, dunno, Doctor Doom and Loki built a Fabulizer to take over the world in a flurry of glitter) I think Black Panther would just slay it. And Starlord would just be there having so much fun. And Thor would be like “Sweet Odin’s eye patch, not again!”

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