Rant Day! Things That Pissed Me Off… Up to and Including July 24

 Item 1: Boyfriend still throwing the occasional bitch fit about my choice of underwear. This is my life now, deal with it.

Item 2: I started playing Diablo III. On the first day I got to level 17 and act 2 before realising it’s after midnight and I’m wasting my life. Now I’m on act 4 and tell myself I can stop anytime.

Item 3: For the past ten years now we’ve had the hot summer from hell and somehow air conditioning has still not gone mainstream. Listen, whoever designs places where humans have to live and work, air conditioning is becoming as important as heating. People are getting heat strokes left and right. Get to it.

Item 4: The heat is making my food stores go back, I had to throw out the onions again. Wish I had a cellar for this.

Item 5: So I survived my first house fire and I’m so angry right now. (Yes, this happened tonight, wasn’t severe as you can probably tell by me posting this, but still.) So someone set the cellar on fire. Yes. You read that right. It’s what the police say, I’m just going to trust them for once. And the cellar at the pharmacy down the street. Two weeks ago someone set fire to the wastebins outside all along the street. Needless to say I do not feel safe. We don’t have fire alarms in this house. Hell, we don’t even have fire extinguishers and I never even thought about that until now! What the hell! Why didn‘t I think of that? Oh, house management is going to get such a letter. I checked the building regulations. Yes, it’s an old house, but you’re going to give us some fire extinguishers or at least an alarm or so help me… I just dropped house management a furious very civilized note that I will probably feel terrible about in the morning because I’m such a goddamn shut-up-and-make-no-fuss doormat, but ten bucks say they won’t do shit anyway, at the most give me attitude about my attitude and make me cry. And dammit, someone has to speak up.

In other news: I found a screwdriver bit that fits and now unscrew the balcony door every night so I can air the room, then screw it shut again all sneaky like. Take that, house management! No one working on that building anyway, that roll of tape hasn’t moved a millimetre since your man forgot it there three weeks ago.


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