Sorta Clean Slate in Nerd Central, or The Entropy is Strong in This One

Explore the room you’re in as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Pretend you know nothing. What do you see? Who is the person who lives there?

Is this thing on? Right. Today we’re going to snoop through some strangers’ room. You ready? let’s go!

Okay, this is the living room. So there’s two computers, I guess there are usually two people in this room (cower before my deduction skills!). It’s pretty cramped, tiny, they put the dining table in the middle of the room right in front of the balcony.  White walls, red curtains, who the fuck chose this? Matches the pillows on the couch, though. There’s so little space here they nailed the chairs to the wall. I mean, not nailed nailed, like, you can take them down and fold them up again. And one word: shelves. Everything here is shelves. Shelf behind the door, shelves behind the desks, art supply shelf, a shelf in the middle of the room, shelves all around the TV. But I mean, they got a lot of stuff.  There’s also a giant-ass TV over there, so I guess at least one of them is male. Oh, look, a football magazine type thingy, yep, definitely at least one guy. Let’s see… okay, so there are framed pictures of Star Wars characters on the wall and a huge collage of sci-fi-y things above the sofa. Oh, and here’s a collage of Daleks. Huh. We also have two World of Warcraft calenders on the walls and one statue of a character or something… seems one or both of them play. I’d know for sure if I could sneak through their computers. Don’t mind if I do!

So one of them definitely does play. A lot. Do you even have a life, bro/sis? The other… password protection? Motherfucker! Okay, so I can’t snoop through this computer here.

I just noticed, there’s a cupboard full of dishes here, shouldn’t that be in the kitchen or something? These people are weird.

Okay, what else? So these two desks here, they’re both super messy. Like the one, there’s newspapers and magazines and a calculator and paper and whatnot all over it. Man, there’s so many cables back here! Never heard of cable organisers, huh? Okay, the second desk… I mean, this is organised chaos at its best. There’s a jar for pens, a jar for odds and ends you find in your pants pockets, a jar for flash drives… and there are so many post-its! Like, does whoever live here has alzheimer’s or something? Why do you need so many post-its?! Contact information, reminders, dates, shopping lists, what the hell? Don’t you have a phone?

Okay, what else is in this room? I spy… Star Wars toys, lots of them. Star Wars books. World of Warcraft books. Masses of Marvel comics. An entire shelf of Doctor Who DVDs? What is this, Nerd Central?! Maybe they wouldn’t need so many shelves if they didn’t have so much nerd stuff. Freakin’ nerds, man really…


5 thoughts on “Sorta Clean Slate in Nerd Central, or The Entropy is Strong in This One

    • Weeeell, based on a not-representative sample of couples of my acquaintance surveyed… the big-ass TV is usually there because of the dude. I would have been happy with a smaller one that had a USB port and/or could connect to Netflix, but guess who was all about size 😛

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