So They Locked My Balcony Door…

They locked my balcony door. From the outside. Just screwed it shut. We’re in the middle of a heat wave. Temperature is 33ºC and rising.

Context: Our building is being renovated. There is scaffolding all around. The banister of the balcony is still there and over it is a giant walkway, so it’s not like you could accidentally fall off. I don’t have children or pets that could do something stupid, and anyway, you can still climb on the scaffolding through the kitchen or bedroom window. So… why in the hell did you lock my balcony door in the middle of a heat wave?!

I feel trapped! The only other windows in my living room are so tiny you can’t even get a draft going. It’s too hot to be outside without having a breakdown and now it’s too hot inside without having a breakdown.

I mean, do they just do that? Walk around and shut people’s balcony doors? In summer? Couldn’t that have waited until the colder months? Hell, couldn’t you have done that three months ago so you could open it up again? How is that helping you work? This is the first time I’ve seen one of you worker guys in weeks! And then you just come around to kill me by slowly cooking me like a lobster? This is some Christian martyr shit right there!

I phoned house management and the poor lady on the phone was very, very confused herself and promised to get in touch with the foreman. She never heard about this herself. So… what the hell is going on?

Now I really regret I didn’t go climbing on the scaffold when I had the chance.


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