Rant Day! Things That Pissed Me Off, May 30 – June 5

Don Life is picking itself up again and it arrives with its loyal companion, Sancho Complaints.

Item 1: Weather. It’s that annoying time of the year again when you wear a pullover and coat one day, then literally two days later you’re walking around in your sandals contemplating how little clothing you can wear while still being attired in conformity with conventional standards, i.e. without getting arrested.

Item 2: Fridges are killers. Our fridge door is really hard to open, it makes some sort of suction or something (not sure if that’s deliberate) which means that sometimes I have to pull on that door like I’m trying to open an ancient Egyptian grave. Only this week my hand slipped and the door ripped two of my nails off. By the way, I’m not wearing fake nails. And yes, that hurt. And looks terrible.

Item 3: Can we take a minute to talk about how my country is possibly the most intolerant crowd of intolerant bitches this side of Iran? I mean, fucking Ireland just legalised same-sex marriage! Fucking Ireland was there before us! You know, those people who still are practising Catholics and where abortion is illegal? They got same-sex marriage right before we did. And we don’t even have the excuse of being religious because don’t kid yourself. Hell, we didn’t even get some decent anti-discrimination laws in place in May and it’s all because the conservative party was feeling slightly peevish (for the third time in seven years, grow the fuck up!) about the whole thing because it was apparently “threatening the freedom of the individual”  – because of course if you as a landlord can’t tell a gay couple to fuck off because you’re an intolerant bigoted shithead is totally going against your freedom –  so of course everything got axed. Ooooohhh, if anyone needs me I’ll be in the angry dome!

Item 4: When I woke up on Friday I was so groggy my brain had me convinced somehow that it was Monday, so I went through my Monday routine. Got through a laundry load of towels and my reading for a class I couldn’t even have that day before it finally dawned on me and I was like “Waiiiit… what the fuck am I doing?” It’s thrown off my chore routine. Thanks a lot, brain.

Item 5: So it’s summer. Boyfriend’s immune system decided this is the perfect time for getting sick. You know, because the temperature’s around 30°C, that’s just the perfect temperature for a cold.

Item 6: I walk around so much in a day that when I come home I’m too tired to do Pilates. Literally I walk until my feet hurt so much I want to burn my shoes. Is that slacking or just really unfortunate?

Item 7: I got an interview next Thursday for that postgraduate program I already tried to get in last year. I’m really, really nervous. Also, I’m not even sure I should do it. Like, I should probably rather finish my master’s and find another, better job first because I’ve been underemployed for so long now I worry I might be unemployable soon. But I got to at least try, right? I mean… right? They probably won’t take me anyway, there’s 200 people and 40 places, that sets my chance at… something not overly good, I’m bad at maths. This is giving me so much anxiety I’ll probably blow it anyway.


3 thoughts on “Rant Day! Things That Pissed Me Off, May 30 – June 5

  1. I hear you about your feet! I work 10 hour shifts standing up most all of the day and so by the end I usually sack off going to the gym because I physically can’t walk any more. I’d say unfortunate rather than slacking!
    Good luck for your interview! 🙂

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