Rant Day! Things That Had Me Going Round the Bend before May 23

Sooo there I was, nothing to complain about  for, what, almost two weeks? And then suddenly, “BAMM, motherfucker! xoxo, the World”.

Item 1: So I dyed my hair again before deciding to go on a dye break. I wanted to go a darker shade of brown that doesn’t turn red on my kinda sorta reddish hair, so I opted for what is apparently called a dark caramel. Should have listened when my mom said it never turns out like it looks on the package. It’s now a dark blondish, light brownish kind of shade that looks red in sunlight. Basically, I dyed my hair my natural colour.

Item 2: All together now: Everything is awfuuul! Everything sucks when you’re part of a team! So I’m guessing my next group presentation is not going to go well. I’m really disenchanted with the topic, my group mates are a shy girl and a guy who always looks at me like he’s going to tear out my throat with his teeth. None of them seem to have any idea what they’re doing and the guy is a self-professed procrastinator. Why do I have to do group work, group work is for undergrads! Trust me to do shit on my own!

Item 3: Work-related: Why does everything have to be done now and at once on a Friday? You had a month to get shit done and now you throw it at me to get done by noon? Why? People, get yo shit together!

Item 4: I’ll be out of work for the summer months and I haven’t found anything in terms of a summer job yet. I’ve been sending out applications since February, by the way. Anyone know a country with a better job market?

Item 5: Everyone is rude. I don’t know why, it’s just a pervasive rudeness, as natural and colossal as the mountains. I come into a room, say hello, good day, is this [insert department that I was send to deliver stuff to] (because they don’t have a fucking sign on the door so how was I supposed to know?)? and two middle aged people look at me like I just interrupted them while they were busy saving the planet or something.

Item 6: I’m so tired I’m not even sure how I’m alive right now.

Item 7: I have so many conversations with myself sometimes I forget how to act among people. Especially that not everyone shares my kind of humour. Or knows that I have humour. Yes, I am suffering from humour and you shall too!

Item 8: Kinda related… Yes, I told a damn good joke during my presentation, you’re allowed to laugh! So I do my presentations in a tiny little almost unnoticeable unconventional way by throwing in a funny line when appropriate. Why are you acting like I’m doing a stand-up routine in the middle of your grandma’s funeral? The prof didn’t complain and neither should you. Oh sorry, did I shock you into paying attention and thus interrupted your chat-with-friend time, is that it?

Essentially, this week’s mantra was: I’m too old for this shit; I’m too tired for this shit; I don’t have time for this shit. Now repeat and then ommm.


3 thoughts on “Rant Day! Things That Had Me Going Round the Bend before May 23

  1. hmmm, I think someone needs a nap! And as a fellow red-brownishhead, there is no way to get rid of the red. It will show under every color except black or unless you get it professionally done so they bleach it first then add color. I love your : as natural and colossal as the mountains. I find that too, when I say excuse me and they look at me like I’m speaking an alien language!

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