Random Thought Tuesday, May 19

So I’ve been thinking…

Had ice cream for lunch. Can’t decide if I’m the coolest person ever or a hot freakin’ mess.

You decide that one for me!


7 thoughts on “Random Thought Tuesday, May 19

  1. Definitely a cool mess 🙂
    The most important question- what flavour and in what quantity?
    No shame in it, just don’t do it everyday or you’ll soon be toothless and lactose intolerant. 🙂


    • Chocolate fudge brownie and it was awesome. Actually, it was just a rather small bowl, but it’s not like I weighed it. Like… a third of a portion of cereal? Didn’t want to give myself chocolate coma again
      Well, obviously not every day, but today I could not find a fuck to give about nutrition. Or cooking for that matter.

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      • Totally acceptable for chocolate fudge brownie – no guilt needed on that one! I have been known to eat half a tub of Ben and Jerry’s peanut butter cup. Just couldn’t stop – they must put something additive in the stuff 🙂

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