Random Thought Tuesday, May 5

So I’ve been thinking… because I saw this post

Good luck making a woman believe she’s beautiful after the society she grew up in drilled it in her head since birth that she is not and never will be good enough or smart enough and most importantly (because that’s allll a woman should worry about, ever) beautiful enough. Have fun fighting against decades of indoctrination, complimenters.

Any thoughts on that?



15 thoughts on “Random Thought Tuesday, May 5

  1. isn’t it terrible? and we are awful at taking compliments: if we agree we are conceited, if we don’t we are accused of false modesty.I have to say, at age 44 I finally accept my body. That took way too long.(Not saying I like my body, I just accept it ;p)

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    • Reminds me of Mean Girls. “You’re really pretty.” – “Thank you!” – “So you agree. You think you’re really pretty.”
      Hey, acceptance is a good first step, the rest may follow! 🙂 I’m still in the process, to be honest, and kinda scared it’s going to get worse as I head slowly towards 30.


      • I think it will get better as you age, and realize that looks matter, but they are not the end-all, be-all of everything. Plus we just need to accept our genetics: I am 5ft even. I am never going to be able to carry off the long leggy look like Uma Thurman 😛

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  2. I think I thought I was beautiful on my wedding day. Maybe. Because I hired people to do my hair and makeup and all the things I’m bad at. But in normal life, I can’t accept compliments on appearance, because they just make me feel awkward and nervous – because either they’re wrong, or I’m doing something wrong.

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  3. My way is to dance to my own drum beat. It probably leaves me heading down roads less traveled, but on the other hand, I can dress how I want, do what I want, and find ways to instill empowerment into myself by my passions for doing my own thing. Not for everyone. I dropped out of the sheep pool ages ago. No Stepford wife, living here.

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