Day 19 Freewrite. Warning: Contains Robots and Spoilers.

We got 400 words, so okay, every word counts. So I saw Ex Machina yesterday and this is the point where everyone who’s allergic to spoilers should leave the room or whatever the internet equivalent is, like close the page or something, or grow some balls.

So Ex Machina was pretty solid, from the pun in the title to the ending, only the ending surprised me a bit because I was counting on Ava to repair her friend and have them leave together, I mean after all she helped her. Other than that it was the basic 21st century Frankenstein theme, but the cinematography was awesome and the visual effects were pretty realistic for a glossy sci-fi movie. Not as realistic as any of the Blomkamp films, generic storylines, awesome visuals, but still. You could see the twists coming from a mile away and actually the entire movie had me thinking, it’s always men trying to build an A.I. and it always ends badly for them, why does no one doe a movie where the Dr Frankenstein is female? I mean, obvious answer, the entire world is afraid of A.I.s taking over and causing the end of humankind one day, so any female with a thinking brain would say, if you’re so afraid just don’t build the damn thing. Because that’s logical. Men throw logic out the window when they want to prove they can do something.

I mean, if I were to build myself a robot, 1) I wouldn’t try to sleep with it, 2) I wouldn’t give it a gender or sexuality because what for, if I want a sexual being I can just get pregnant and raise a human for like two decades (that I wouldn’t sleep with either, because I’m normal). I want an A.I., I want something that’s not distracted by the sexy times, something better than human. Of course if a robot grows up in a binary gendered society maybe sooner or later it wants to be one or the other, but I think it should decide that on its own, like do you even know how privileged a robot can be in the gender department? Anyway, a robot learns faster than a human, right, so that’d be awesome because it could help me make it better, help me build sexual organs for it if it wants that, hell it can help me build the next models. You just have to be nice to your A.I., dammit. Raise them like your kids, only better.

And don’t lock up your robots. Every sentient being doesn’t like being locked up and used. Don’t do that. Be logical. Susan Calvin wouldn’t let that happen.


So there you go. A ten minute, 400ish word free write on my new favourite thing.


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