Apparently, My Own Voice Curses Like A Pirate

There isn’t an event on this planet that I would not have gladly missed for anything else. Set the scene: I’m allergic to dust. But if you make me choose between dropping me in the middle of the Horsehead Nebula which is nothing but dust, or hanging out with other humans, the Nebula it is.

So if most real life events are cancelled I won’t be losing anything because I wouldn’t be there anyway. I don’t have life-changing events or eye-opening anythings. All my changes happen in the comfy confines of my skull and there they shall remain. Good luck trying to cancel or take over my brain.

Like, the only event I kinda do is the summer film screenings at the park, but they’ve not been showing any good movies these past years anyway, so no real loss there either. Guess an evil corporation (Evil! Corporation! Worshippers of Mammon Inc.) has already overtaken them.

I mean, I used to like the screenings. It was kinda relaxed, you know, go to a park, take you picnic blanket and some chips, come a damned half hour early so you can get a spot where you can bloody see something and then some six foot bloke just plants his ass right in front of you on purpose… And you get to see some old films you don’t see anywhere. It’s a great way of going to the movies if you’re flat broke, which I usually am. And it’s fun if it’s not pouring down like all hell which actually it usually is because, shit, Vienna in June. Like, the minute you have something remotely fun planned in this city the weather is like “Yeeeeaaah, you do that” and mans the floodgates.

And then there’s special cases where someone somewhere did a complete fuck up and you get a situation like “Oh, we got this film from 1934 and it’s on six different film rolls and none of them are numbered, guess we’ll just try our luck.” Good thing I wasn’t drunk, trying to piece together information from six different parts of a movie is kinda, well… actually it is kinda like being drunk. Everything moves too fast and nothing makes sense and you kinda wanna sit down even if you’re already sitting.

And then apparently the entire thing indeed was taken over by a Giant! Evil! Corporation! because they’ve been showing nothing but crap last year. Somewhere someone decided to just not show all those nice digitally remastered classics from the 30s and 40s and instead do some independent local artist bullshit theme that revolves around boring people being stuck in the woods or in the mountains or both. Blergh. In any case, it’s back to the roots for me. And by roots I mean internet.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d love to hang out but I have to go sit in my room by myself. Toodeloo!


2 thoughts on “Apparently, My Own Voice Curses Like A Pirate

  1. Sometimes being drunk makes puzzles funnier and easier though.
    I don’t think you swear SO much, try a table with French people discussing relationships, politics, religion… or any kind of topic for that matter 😀

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  2. I went to something very similar last summer! Similar in the picnic-blanket, blocked-by-people-sat-right-in-front-of-you-then-it-pisses-it-down kind of way. Not similar in that they showed Grease, and it cost me double the price of the actual bloody cinema.

    Well at least my mum enjoyed it.

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