Rant Day! Things That Pissed Me Off, April 11-17

Today’s complaints brought to you by Snooooorrrre, your partner in all nap-related needs!

Item 1: Seriously? Seriously. I order books on the internet and they ship from England and get here within two days, but god forbid I order anything from the damn city I live in, because somehow that takes ten damn days! Someone explain this to me! Are you just parading my order across the country? Do you think I won’t be happy if I get it fast because you will rob me of the experience of agonized waiting? Explaaaaaiin!

Item 2: So my thesis, I’ve been slacking a bit. But seeing as I don’t have a supervisor yet (seriously, how long can it take to get someone to agree to read my shit and judge me mercilessly?!) I should probably be less than worried.

Item 3: So I had my phone on silent for a week and didn’t miss a single call. God damn.

Item 4: Work related: Can’t decide if we’re all awkward as hell or just always too tired to have anything to say.

Item 5: To whoever decided to cut off all the shrubs in the backyard at 7 a.m.: Fuuuhuuuuck youuuu! First of all, why? Second of all, it’s just shrubs, why do you need to break out the chainsaw? Third of all, you probably scared the ducks away because you hacked off their shrubs. I liked those ducks! I was about to give them names and throw them food from the balcony!

Item 6: Guy from upstairs: Nice choice in music, dude, but do you mind keeping the volume slightly below soccer field levels? Maybe have your phone conversations indoors, too? The entire house you live in and the one across the yard now knows your work schedule.

Item 7: So Boyfriend and I play-wrestle sometimes and I just now realised that the neighbours probably think we have really weird sex all the time. Though I don’t know in which universe “Surrender to the Sontaran Empire!” is considered dirty talk.

Item 8: Why does it start to pour down the exact minute I finally get around to do my grocery shopping? Hmm, why? Don’t rain on my parade potatoes!


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