Rant Day! Things That Pissed Me Off, Feb 21-27

So last week I was Wednesday Addams. This week I limited my social interaction to bare minimum and still it wasn’t the easiest week.

Item 1: The mind shall forever boggle at this city’s ability to blow up a 20 min. commute to 45 min. Mostly because 1) everyone drives like an asshole, blocking tram rails in their desperate dash to the still-sorta-green traffic light, avoiding a giant collision by the grace of the gods and the tram driver’s mad skillz, 2) WTF four ambulances AND police cars within three minutes, all going into different directions? What the hell is going on, is there something in the water?

Item 2: If I ever find out who is responsible for the construction manual for my aunt’s new kitchen cabinet that person is going to get smacked with a sack of Legos. Not even IKEA gets that much wrong in ten pages. What the hell, did you print that back-to-front? Nothing fits like it should! Lucky for you we’re furniture building veterans, but just think about all the poor amateurs who rely on you! For shame, furniture sales people, for shame!

Item 3: Telephone, my arch nemesis, we meet again. I’m the most awkward person ever when it comes to phoning. Like, I prepare my lines ‘n shit. Sometimes I write them down, complete with little conversation scenarios and possible answers for possible questions. And then some other person I wasn’t expecting picks up the receiver on the other end and suddenly my mind goes blank, because whaaaaaat, I wasn’t prepared for this! Who are you? Who am I? What did I want here? Should I pretend I got the wrong number? Fake bad reception and hang up? What do I doooo?

Item 4: Sleep schedule is still shot to hell and I can’t go to bed before 3 am. This is going to be fun next week when I have to function during normal people hours again.

Item 5: Speaking of normal people hours, whyyyyy, neighbour, do you have to do random construction in the morning?! Of all the weeks in all the months in all the year, why this week when I can’t sleep at night?

Item 6: People ringing my doorbell in the mid-morning have me like: http://youtu.be/SECVGN4Bsgg You’re not the package delivery guy, you’re not bringing me pizza (what? there’s no bad time for pizza), what do you want?! Why are you here? Who sent you? How did you find me? Don’t think I’m going to open this door! I’m not even here! I went out ages ago! You can’t hear me tiptoeing behind the door, can you? No, you can’t, because I’m a fucking ninja, and you can’t see my shadow under the door because of the draught stopper, ha! Slink away to whatever hell you came from! (There’s nothing wrong with my state of mental health, I swear.)



Item 7: As always, my overconfidence is my weakness. How could I ever have confidence that I would get into all my required courses this semester just because it worked last semester? Nope, not enough places, because everyone’s retiring. Fuck everything. Time to get a second job, or else I’m going to be bored out of my mind until autumn.

But enough of me. Got anything on your mind that pissed you off?


5 thoughts on “Rant Day! Things That Pissed Me Off, Feb 21-27

  1. I’m fine, thanks! No major…wait, why does the Fing Fedex guy keep leaving my packages down at the barn instead bringing to my house?? Does he think the horse needs coffee? Or textbooks: which was buried under the snow cuz I didn’t find it til morning? He’s lazy, that’s why, that 100yd walk is just going to kill him!
    Thanks for asking 🙂


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