Manic Monday: B is for Bastard Day

Ahhh… what a bright and lovely day. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the wind is light and warm…

Doesn’t that sound pleasant? Indeed it does. Oh, but do not trust it, my dear, for it is… a bastard day.

Not because everyone is suddenly being a right bastard (although that might happen), but because it is fall or winter. Bastard days are the few pleasantly warm days strewn into season to make you forget the cold and harsh winds and hope that spring has come early, that winter will be cut short…

“Ah!”, you think, “it was a short winter and now it’s getting warmer. Not long now and I can wear my cute shoes and dresses again instead of two pairs of wool tights and only one sweater instead of three. I won’t be freezing and I can finally do stuff outside again and I’m going to get so much exercise because I’ll walk everywhere again…” You can feel motivation soar through your veins! As if you had awoken from a long slumber you skip through the streets with renewed energy! Even the air smells different! The brass odour of winter chills no longer lingers on the brisk wind that like a warm silk shawl envelops your smiling face….

And then the next day you find a foot of snow on your balcony. And the sun goes down and you’re freezing your ass off again. And you’re also freezing the next day. And the next. Thanks for all the false hope, you bastard.


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