Rant Day! Things That… Didn’t Piss me Off? What?

So, actually, I’m doing pretty good right now. It’s semester break, I’m being my mellow hippie self at the moment. There’s only a couple very small things.

Item 1: Cold. Whyyyyyy? I survived until February with just the usual winter sniffles and now that we’re slowly heading into spring I get a cold? Whyyyyyy?

Item 2: I think I’m absolutely hilarious, but no one shares that view. Come on, that joke about how a Timelord-Dalek hybrid would continuously say “Regenerate!” was gold!

Item 3: Can someone resurrect William Hartnell? That guy is adorable and I want to adopt him as my grandpa. Can you do that, adopt people as anything other than children? Especially grown people? Especially grown dead people?

Other than that? People are stupid and inconsiderate, children are loud and misbehaved, all sectors of public office have taken to worshipping the chaos gods, water is wet.

Random positivity Shameless bragging: I aced all my courses and I’m getting closer to an actual thesis topic.


2 thoughts on “Rant Day! Things That… Didn’t Piss me Off? What?

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