Rant Day! Things That Pissed Me Off, Jan 31-Feb 6

Welcome to another week of complaints! For last week’s tiny rants, click here!

Item 1: I’ve not been sleeping well these past few days. Lately I’ve been getting these seriously weird dreams full of sexual frustration, my boyfriend cheating on me, or massively annoying people who follow me everywhere and won’t leave me the fuck alone. Or, contrasting, people jumping onto tube tracks to save my whiteboard from an incoming train, but it wasn’t even a whiteboard but a white stick. I don’t know, it doesn’t make sense to me either! What the hell, brain? What am I telling myself here? Is it stress? Is it my period? Lack of vitamins? All of the above?

Item 2: Some kind of web-spinning insectoid is trying to set up shop in my bedroom. And being very persistent about it. Every time I vacuum I find a damned web wedged between the leg of the desk and the wall. Every time! Did I mention that I vacuum 2-3 times a week? 2-3 times a week I vacuum that web away but it keeps coming back! Dear satanic, presumably eight-legged ball of terror: either start paying rent, or take a damned hint and fuck the hell off!

Item 3: I need a damned topic for my thesis. But I can’t decide. All I know is something something science fiction. But what? Currently researching where there might be a ‘gap in knowledge’, as our research instructor called it.

Item 4: Lost a bet with myself. It took Boyfriend only three days to notice I had dyed my hair (did I mention we’re living together? So he sees me everyday?). I had guessed at least a week.

Item 5: Self. If you’re tired go the hell to bed. Don’t sit up till 2 am to watch Golden Girls video clips. Your own fault for feeling like lukewarm death in the morning.

Item 6: Could someone bring back Golden Girls? That show is hilarious and I’m finally old enough to understand all the jokes. Like, my mum used to watch it all the time when I was a kid and I couldn’t see what’s so funny about it at all. Then again, with Dorothy calling Blanche a slut a minimum of 52 times per episode, it was probably not a kid-friendly programme to begin with. So… what the hell, mum?

Item 7: The wind here is so cold a small gust gave me a migraine.

Random positivity: It’s the first week of semester break and I already cleaned the house twice and got a ton of errands done. Look at me go (back to bed)!


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