Rant Day! Things That Pissed Me Off, Jan 24-30

Last week we had long ass rants, this week we keep it short and sweet, ’cause it’s the little things that count.

Item 1: Pressure! Pushing down on me, pressing down on you no man ask for! Seriously, Queen’s Under Pressure has been the only thing that kept me sane all week.

Item 2: Finals weeks. Two presentations, two portfolios, one seminar exam, three lecture exams, like a boss! No, actually not like a boss, because bosses delegate things and force other people to do their shit while they play mini golf in their giant office. Bottom line: I had too much to study and too much shit to do.

Item 3: Brain. We’re supposed to study. Why do you want to write Doctor Who fanfiction now? Why are you full of spaceships? This is neither the time nor the place, knock it off! Yes, yes, you are hilarious, but come on, I’m trying to concentrate over here!

Item 4: Relationship. I don’t wanna complain about my relationship, though. My relationship is supposed to be the one thing that works in my life.

Item 5: Manners. It’s been over a month. Tell me if you want me to work for you or not. Hell, tell me anything, but don’t pretend you’re dead. I don’t believe you. I can hear you breathe. Or did you get my e-mail address wrong again? It’s not a very complicated address and apart from that, are you somehow opposed to the good old copy and paste?

Item 6: Father of mine, seriously. You can’t remember what I’m studying? I mean, I’m used to you not knowing my eye colour, but the one productive thing I’m doing? Come on, old man, you can do better than that!

Random positivity: Exam week over, can post again. Expect post on the weekend!


3 thoughts on “Rant Day! Things That Pissed Me Off, Jan 24-30

  1. I hate when employers don’t get back to you about a job! How hard is it to get right an email address that is essentially myfullnamehere@gmail.com. Serious. My last interview, I turned up (as requested and ready on the day they’d bloody specified) to be told that they’d meant to email all the candidates and tell them to come the next day instead, must have missed you or gotten it wrong. I then sat in reception for 45 minutes while they got their shit together ready to interview me. I didn’t even get the job for my trouble. Cheers for that. Ugh! Rant over! (At least I picked a relevant post of yours to do that on!) Hope you hear soon! 🙂

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    • Gah, I had something like that happen too once. But honestly? If they can’t even get a damned mail address right, do I even want to work for them? Who knows what else they can’t do.
      I don’t know, maybe they’re just too damned old and don’t understand how this technology stuff works. Had that happen a couple times too.


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