When Aurra Met Molly

I can’t believe that today’s daily prompt is basically asking me to write crossover fanfiction. But, well, I’m not complaining. So… whoooo shall it be? Beorn from the Hobbit and Tom Bombadil from Lord of the Rings out for tea? The Phantom of the Opera getting a good verbal smacking by Mary Poppins? Groot and Chewbacca waiting for Han and Rocket to get back from the donut shop? Dr. Susan Calvin trying to get through to Marvin the Paranoid Android? Arthur Dent getting stuck on the Tardis with the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble? No, wait, that’s TV, not a movie…

Oh, I think I got it… Aurra Sing from Star Wars (or her comic book series, whichever), meet Molly from Neuromancer!


The Mos Eisley cantina was probably the worst in the entire galaxy, and the band was playing “The Sands of Tatooine” for the third time in a row. Slouching on a barstool Aurra Sing peered into her empty glass and for the first time experienced a definite downside of her half-alien metabolism: She was by far not drunk enough for any of this.

It had been a miserable week, job-wise.

“Just say when”, the barkeeper said as he refilled her glass.

Why did she always end up working with idiots? Wouldn’t have happened if Zam hadn’t decided to ditch her for that weird Mandalorian. The last Aurra had heard of her was a month ago; Zam had sent her a holopic of the guy’s ass. Not that it wasn’t a nice ass or something, and he sure was a good hunter, but are you sure about this, Zam, don’t you wanna maybe take it slow with this one, why do you wanna move in with him anyway, like I mean, you barely know him?

And then that Cad Bane character, saying he’d call her and then never did, what was up with that?

The glass was on the brink of overflowing. “Um… ain’t you gonna say when?”

Maybe the entire universe was populated by idiots, maybe that was the problem.

“Just leave the bottle here, will ya?”

The barkeeper met her eye, surrendered the Corellian whiskey and retreated down the bar to a safe distance.

And returned almost instantly to put a cometduster in front of the newcomer next to her, before he hurried away again.

Aurra eyed the newcomer for a second. Slightly built human female, wrapped from the neck down in black leather, dark hair cut in a rough shaggy fashion, wearing something that to an unsuspecting eye looked like mirrored sunglasses. Probably a freelancer like herself.

The bounter hunter’s attention returned to her drink, her unusually long fingers curled around the entire breadth of bottle. By now it was half empty and she didn’t even feel half drunk yet. It was going to be a long, miserable evening.

She felt the other woman looking at her for a moment, but when she turned her head she was staring fixedly into her cometduster.

Aurra thought of ordering another bottle, just in case, when she heard the stranger say, “Nice biocomputer.”

She looked over. “Nice vision enhancers.”


Nar Shaddaa?”

Black market, Chiba City.”

Wherever the hell that is.”

Both women returned to their drinks for a moment.

Got anything else?”, the bounty hunter asked because she was getting bored with her lack of drunkenness.

Wanna see a magic trick?”

If you try to pull a credit chip out of my ear I’ll fucking kill you,” Aurra said matter-of-factly.

Nah.” The black haired woman held out one pale hand, palm up. With a slight clicking sound five double-edged razorblades slid from beneath her very red nails. “And there’s always this.” Her black leather jacket fluttered for an instant to reveal a kind of handgun that the bounty hunter’s trained eye recognised as something that could do a lot of damage.



Well… I got these”, indicating dual-triggered blaster pistols, best model on the market. “And then there’s this thing”, she said pointing to the Czerka slugthrower rifle that was leaning innocently against the bar. Aurra seemed to remember the lightsaber dangling on her hip. “Oh, yeah, and that. But this one’s for special occasions.”

The other woman nodded approvingly.

Got a name?”

Molly Millions.”

Aurra Sing. Looking for work, Molly Millions?”

Got any, Aurra Sing?”

Nope. Know where to look, though.” She drained the Corellian whiskey and threw the empty bottle into the general crowd. Somewhere someone gave a growl of pain. “Wanna get out of here?”


Aurra wasn’t absolutely convinced just yet, but this already felt like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.



I think I’m just going to let this lie around for two weeks and then turn it into a big epic fanfic. Did you know I once started a series of sketches that had Aurra Sing, Zam Wesell and Asajj Ventress being room-mates? Maybe I should continue with that.


5 thoughts on “When Aurra Met Molly

  1. badfish2 January 21, 2015 / 4:58 am

    So I’m perusing the list of Pleased-to-meet-you responses, because that’s today’s 101 assignment, and I’m looking for something to read (a title or blog name) that catches my eye. The first one that stops me cold is “39-Year-old Virgin.” She’s a grad student, lonely, and perhaps, she thinks, insane. My take is…just horny as hell. But that’s another story, though she wrote a fantastic response. I’m not a fan of fanfic. I don’t even know what it is, never read any. And I don’t know your characters. But your writing sings. And your titles–very cool. And this is hands-down the best tag I’ve seen: “Warning: opinion all up in here.”

    I didn’t follow the prompt strictly, like you. I’m in Bali and writing mostly travel stuff with photographs, so I had Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love…probably not your cup of Corellian?) meet my alter ego in Ubud, where her “love” chapters took place.

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