Rant Day! Things That Pissed Me Off, Nov 22-28!

Okay, so last week was horror. This one was slightly better, but still… ehhh….

Item 1: Why? Why must one week be all mellow, not a single thing to do, and the next EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE DONE AT ONCE AND YESTERDAY! And then that state lasts for three weeks and I’m about to go postal.

Item 2: Freshly minted college kids on public transport. Ah, the smell of youth and unfounded optimism! I now know a lot more about you, Pink Hair, than I ever wanted to know. I don’t really care that you don’t drink, but also hate mineral water, and that you dye your hair fancy colours because you hate your natural colour (by the way, your roots need re-doing, honey), or that you get along better with guys than with girls (hah, yeah, we all have to go through that phase…). I really do not care! So why, why in the wide heavens, did you and your obviously new friends have to play 50 Random Facts About Me on the tram and in a volume that could not be resisted by my earphones? Ah well, if 40 is the new 30, and 30 is the new 20, I guess your twenties are now the new teen-age. What the fuck are actual teens, then, second kindergarten?

Item 3: Insurance. I’m glad I live in a country in which state insurance is a thing. But whyyy must everything be so complicated? Why must I be too old to be covered by my parents’ insurance? And why do even the cheap ones for people with no money like me cost so much? That’s half me earnings, right there! But then again, what about my pension?! I don’t know, will that even still exist by the time I’m 60? What if it doesn’t? What if the entire economy collapses? What if they just randomly get rid of it? What if the third World War happens? What if I want to work until 70? Women in my family live well into their 90s, I’m not gonna spend thirty years sitting on my ass! That’s the problem with life, you have no way of knowing anything about the future. You never have an goddamned security.

Item 4: The Paper Wars. As I have officially dubbed this unbearable state of… new work contracts! Because seriously, after filling in and signing what felt like 3000 forms, I still get calls and mails that they need some additional thing here and “this form we sent you is not actually the right form, use this one” there. Oh, we’re trying to cut back on bureaucracy. Only in Vienna can you cut back on bureaucracy by adding more damned bureaucracy! And now my last two wages might be in mortal peril, because, hey, if all those papers we only told you about two weeks ago are not aaaaall filled in and processed by Monday, maybe we can’t pay all y’all. By the way, processing takes three to five weeks.

Item 5: Chocolate St.Nicolas’. Y U so expensive?! Seriously, it’s getting worse every year (or maybe I’m just getting poorer). I want chocolate in the form of bearded old men, dammit! I don’t know what kind of crack they put in there, but they somehow taste better than regular chocolate, even from the same damned company.

Item 6: Neighbours. I changed my mind, I want my super power to be telepathy. Just so I can send those assholes a mind message to STFU, it’s midnight, I need to get some sleep! No, I can’t just bang on the wall, because acoustics here make it impossible to determine if it’s the assholes upstairs, the douches next door, or the wankers two floors up. Opera Lady downstairs at least keeps it down at night. (Even though this week she must have been preparing for opening night. I mean, how often can you listen to Nabucco without going insane?)

Item 7: Weather. Why do I live in a place where even through wool tights, leggings, thick wool socks, trousers, and thick boots I can’t feel my toes for cold? When’s this global warming that everyone’s talking about going to kick in?


What facts of life have earned YOUR ire this week?


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