Rant Day! Things That Pissed Me Off, Nov 8-14

Item 1: University. It’s getting close to Christmas, which means it’s getting close to January, which means suddenly it’s ‘assign ALL the work’ season for professors. Why now? Can’t we do that in October when the semester’s fresh and we’re all motivated? Must it be now that we get sluggish and tired and just wish to hibernate? (In case some of my oversea peers get confused, no, we don’t have midterms. It’s just assignments all the way to January, when we get to take all our exams at once and the grades are a surprise. Joy!)

Item 2: Colleagues. We need to get to work, dammit! Check your mail, pick up your phone, get off your asses, we got work to do! We got two presentations coming up, and coming up fast. Hell, we haven’t even looked at the texts! Well, I mean, I have. I don’t know what you do in your spare time. I already have my opening jokes prepared. C’mon, put on your thinking caps, your comfy pants, grab yourselves some caffeine, and meet me at the library!

Item 3: World of Warcraft. This has got to be the most popular expansion since Wrath of the Lich King. Either there’s a lot more players now, or the servers shrunk in the wash. I can’t even log in! Come one, game! I want to kill orcs and save Azeroth! How am I going to be a mighty magic hero if you won’t let me do stuff? Boyfriend logged in in the afternoon and was already waist deep in orc blood when I came home. Because I decided to be a good little student and go to my seminar. And then I can’t log in! Not fair! Where’s my good karma? Oh, the servers crashed? Oh. Oh, well, I’ll try some other time. Holy Velen, there’s a lot of people indeed.

Item 4: Dr Who German sync. Really, people? You finally get around to do a German sync for the eight season… and this is your voice for the doctor? I mean, I’m used to German sync fucking things up big time, but… Peter Capaldi is at least a baritone, if not getting close to a bass, and your snycroniser is… a countertenor? No? But it sure sounds like it! I don’t even know anything about music and even I can tell you there’s at least a two octaves difference! Why did you think this was fitting? It’s like nails on a chalkboard, listening to this! What happened, did Clara kick the Doc in his timewarpy nuts? (Well deserved, but still.) How can you subject your audience to such torture? I know the last season wasn’t great (well, there’s an understatement for you), is this your evil plan to shield the German speaking market from the horrors of bad writing? Well, that didn’t work, we already saw everything in English. You’re just making it even worse for everyone!

Item 5: Okay, seriously? Why is it that one week I have fuck all to do, and then the next it’s like ALL the things need to be done at once? Work, school, doctor’s appointments, more work… it all just came together like this! I don’t wanna!

Item 6: Oh, look, I finally managed to log iiiii….

We interrupt your regular rambling entertainment for an important announcement: The author of this blog was drafted on short notice to assist Archmage Khadgar in the fight against the Iron Horde. She will return as soon as Azeroth is save again, bearing complains and bitchings aplenty. (Actually, she might be back after the weekend, complaining about the expansion.) In the meantime, you might be regaled with the delightfully folksy tale of things that pissed her off last week.

(Sorry, guys, there’s some warlords in Draenor that need a fierce ass-kicking, and everyone including me has to do their duty. For the Alliance! For the Horde! FOR AZEROTH!)


2 thoughts on “Rant Day! Things That Pissed Me Off, Nov 8-14

  1. I’m back again to revel in your misery. Totally empathise with you on suddenly-everything-is-happening-at-once! That very same thing is pissing me off too this week! (When will I get some damn time to do my Christmas shopping!) Hope it calms down soon! Enjoy WoW, I’ve always wanted to get into it but never have, maybe it’ll go on my Christmas list! 🙂


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