Random Thought Tuesday, Nov 11

So I’ve been thinking…

If women on their periods are supposedly so irrational, why can’t we use it as defence in court? “You stabbed your husband 100 times.” – “I didn’t mean to, your honour! It was an accident! I was on my period!” – “If you knew you were on your period, why did you not keep away from knives? You knew what could happen.” – “I was making Harvey’s dinner! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. I was preparing his dinner, his favourite dish, and I was just cutting up the chicken and then he accidentally called me Tracy… I don’t know what happened! I’m so sorry! *bursts into tears*” – “Ah, now, my dear, don’t cry. It’s not so bad. You have been found not guilty due to temporary insanity due to menstruation! You may leave this court a free woman.”

What? I’m just sayin’.


(Guess how many people ask me if I’m on my period when I show the slightest bit of emotion. No really, guess. I wasn’t mad. Then you asked me ten times if I was mad. And now I’m mad!)


2 thoughts on “Random Thought Tuesday, Nov 11

  1. Oh my god I hate when people ask me what’s wrong.
    “Nothing’s wrong. I’m fine.”
    “No. Why are you mad?”
    “I’m not.”
    “You are!”
    Well now I am, yes, because your inane nagging has ruined a perfectly nice day!

    Hate it. That’s all. Tangent rant over!

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