New page? Uuummmm….

I’m at a loss.

Make a new page, Blogging101 said. It will be fun, they said.

I’m sure it would be, if I had even a remote idea what about. I don’t really do stuff, not enough to require a page, at least. I have no ongoing projects; I’m not writing a book or knitting the parliament a sweater or whatever it is that productive people do. I don’t have a pet whose funny antics could entertain these here faceless masses. Maybe I could do a page where I translate this whole thing into German, but that’s lots of work, and if you speak German you usually speak English anyway, and if you don’t, eh, sod off, I’m not your secretary. I thought about doing a disclaimer about the really obvious fact that this is a private blog full of private opinions not to be taken too seriously and if you are offended by anything, like the use of foul language, well, fuck you, but that can be done in one sentence, right? This blog is also fairly new, so there’s not really enough content one way or another to warrant FAQs or archives or whatever, really.

Can I do this assignment next month maybe?

So very reluctantly I added a contact form because that’s the only thing that makes sense at the moment (and I swear to whoever is listening that this thing gets thrown out again at the first, ahem, shall we say, uncouth request. Or just plain stupid question.). So feel free to spam me with questions regarding bound morphemes, Middle English literature, the confusing three articles of the German language, or the like. I mean, I don’t have to answer, right?

I’m not anti-social, I just like people the same way I like my clementines: quiet, at the back of my fridge, and ready to be eaten… wait, that didn’t come out right….

~~~~awkward silence~~~~

~~~~awkward crickets chirping~~~~

So… anyone else doing anything interesting with this… assignment… type… thing?


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