Well met, neighbours! I am Tom and these be my feet!

So today’s assignment for the Blogging 101 whatever-it-is was to follow five new topics and five new blogs. Nevermind that in the last two days I’ve already added a dozen new ones. (At least it feels like a dozen. Did I even click the right button? Better go check later.)

So… guess I’m done for today, bye.

Ha, just kidding. Now, I’m not much of a commenter and the first thought that popped into my head when I read through today’s task was “Please, don’t make me comment. Please don’t make me say anything.” I’m really, really bad at commenting. Mostly because I’m really bad at explaining why I like things and I feel like a simple “Good post, keep it up” would be too,well, simple. I need some time to think before I can comment on anything or review anything or just tell a close friend my opinion on anything. Sometimes that takes a day or two, to look at all the angles, maybe find a perspective I hadn’t considered before, and anyway, you do you, don’t wait for my approval. If I don’t say anything, that’s generally good. For I come to you from a proud nation of avid complainers who never speak of the things they liketh but only of those that they hateth with the fiery force of a thousand suns.

My second thought was “Neighbours? Neighbouuuuuurs? Oh please, no.” Just reading that word my face flushed, my heart rate shot through the roof, and like a nightmare from a distant universe the flashbacks came to haunt me in this world and the next forevermore (or at least for a couple minutes)….

I mean, in theory, having neighbours sounds nice, someone to chat with in the hallway, someone to feed your pets while you’re on vacation, just a little social interaction in your everyday life.

In reality, some old geezer steals the fuses out of the distribution board in the hallway, leaving you without electricity until you figure out what the everloving hell happened, and the lady next door refuses to take her meds, ends up throwing her window casements into the backyard (from the now casement-less window on the second floor) and lurks at the top of the stairs to hit people coming up with a piece of wood.

Sounds exaggerated? Sounds made up? Yeah, I’d be laughing too, if that hadn’t been the first two years of my living here. Let’s just say when I hear the word “neighbour” I think less “companions of the house” and more “satanic balls of terror”. (Not that I have anything against Satanists, great people, I’ve always said that.)

Not to say that there aren’t good people living around here, but we’d all rather keep to ourselves. No saying hi to the neighbours unless you absolutely can’t pretend you didn’t see them. Because if you do, you end up with no power, no internet, and a bump on your head.


2 thoughts on “Well met, neighbours! I am Tom and these be my feet!

  1. Your doing awesome and made me giggle…. So sorry to here you had neighbors like that, I would have gotten back in some strange way to make them love me or Move. Have a great day and I look forward to ready your blog.


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